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Extratonal Infrastructure #7: So-Fi, Joris Anne, Lyckle de Jong and DJ Thor Kissing
Date: 2023/09/23 20:30 - 2023/09/23 23:30

Door: 20:00h CET
Start: 20:30h CET
Entrance: 5 euro

Extratonal Infrastructure is back from the holidays. With a freshly charged battery, we continue the second half of our extratonal program of 2023. This time our event is dedicated to the New Dutch Naïvity, which means Dutch-language pop music for a new era!

So-Fi (real name: Sophie Reekers) enters the Rotterdam pop scene as some sort of David Byrne with a cassette player: “Hello, here I am!” She sings about the veneer of our social interaction on her debut EP "Verder Gaat Het Goed" (which translates to something like: "But Verder Goes Good.") Highly recommended for those who like cheap Yamaha trumpets, synthetic stardust and overall lo-fi moods!

Joris Anne is a multifacetted cult pop-entrepeneur, hailing from The Hagues. Those in the know, know him, while others are dying to know more about this chronicler of our tragicomic existence. The last few months he's been hard at work recording his fourth full length LP 'Hartendief' with friend/colleague Thor Kissing. The album will be launched at Varia before your very eyes, as part of Anne's debut performance!

Lyckle de Jong graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2014 and has since made himself useful with, among others, Soft Man, Yuko Yuko, Waterlelyck, The Homesick, Thor Kissing, Scary de Jong, Sjuul Joosen, Sofie Winterson, Sven Bresser , Renee van Trier, Ronald Langestraat, Robert Bergman, Postbus 54, Otto de Jong, Nushin Naini Nicolini, Maria, Lyckle de Jong, Lyckle en Mij, Lamellen, Klein Europa, Katerina Gabriel-Konarovská, Kim David Bots, Jaap van der Velde , It is part of an ensemble, Huub Prins, Gijsje Heemskerk, Groep C, Elias Elgersma, De Witte Kunst, De Beffende Hooligans, Devon Rexi, Conservatory of Amsterdam, Collective Het IJ, Boris de Klerk, Bernice Nauta, Barry Slee, A Fungus and Aslan music center. For this concert Lyckle de Jong uses songs accompanied by guitar, groovebox and iPad. Bookings via

DJ Thor Kissing is the DJ monikor of multi-talent Thor Kissing, who crashed into Varia approximately one year ago. After releasing an album or EP almost every week, he now expands his talents into DJ and production territory. Shout-out to his new album 'Salmiak'!

This event is made possible with the support of Popunie Rotterdam.